The Letters – Part 3

Professor Goodstein is one of the best teachers on campus. He knows his material inside and out. It's to the point that when I have struggled to understand the information presented, he’s able to quickly explain the most complex concepts in a different way, one that I might understand. He is a favorite of mine,... Continue Reading →


County Line Discussion Questions

Thank you all for reading County Line! I hope you enjoyed it. Below are some discussion question for your book clubs or simply if you would like to ponder more thoughts about the book. I'd love to hear your feedback. Let me questions provoked the most thought. Are the any questions you have that I... Continue Reading →

The Letters – Part 2

I pull open the giant glass door and walk in. Instantly, I’m greeted by a large staircase with lion statues that guard the landing. I make my way up to the second floor and search for an attendee. I couldn’t search for these books online because our computers are monitored so I don’t know what... Continue Reading →

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